PowerBright TK1650 Voltage Converter Kit for Hair Dryers and Bath Appliances (50/1600 Watt Capacity) With 5 Adapters

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SAFELY use your US or Canadian hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, shaver, makeup mirror, hair rollers, heating pad, or other personal bathroom appliance in Europe or elsewhere, without "frying" it. A voltage converter is a much more compact, more lightweight, and more economical solution than a voltage transformer for non-electronic heating and bathroom appliances.

  • Voltage converter (50 or 1600 watts)
  • Packaged with 5 non-grounded adapters in a convenient carrying case
  • Converter/adapter combos work in over 150 countries worldwide
  • Used in countries with 220/240V AC Power
  • Can be used with small electronic devices rated under 50W
  • Or can be used with small heating devices rated at or below 1600W
  • Not intended for continuous use, unplug when appliance is not in use
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SAFELY use your US or Canadian hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, shaver, makeup mirror, hair rollers, heating pad, or other personal bathroom appliance in Europe or elsewhere, without "frying" it. The TK1650 is basically just a kit, which consists of a PB1650 travel voltage converter and 5 additional non-grounded adapters which enable the voltage converter to be used in over 150 countries worldwide, all contained within a hard plastic carrying case. The voltage converter is also available by itself, and it's the important part, so if you haven't read up on that yet, here are juuuuust a few words we have to say about that...

Okay, so you're going to Paris for a week. Nice. All your battery-powered "techie stuff" like your phone, tablet, laptop and digital camera have multi-voltage chargers which are already compatible with 220-240 volt European electricity on their own, and you've got adapters for those things so that they can plug into the wall outlets over there, so you're pretty much all set.

But what about your bathroom gear? You've heard and/or read on the internet that things like hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, shavers, hair rollers, makeup mirrors and things like that aren't compatible with the higher voltage over there, and will get "fried" if you plug them in abroad. Well, you heard right. For the most part, anyway. And, yeah, things can get ugly. Very ugly.

There are indeed "travel versions" of those kinds of appliances which can be switched back and forth between 110-120 volts for use in North America, and 220-240 volts if you bring the appliance elsewhere. Yours might be one of those, and if so, then you can just use an adapter. As long as you've got the appliance switched to the right voltage setting, you're fine. And if yours doesn't have a voltage selector switch, well, you could just buy one that does. They're usually available wherever you'd ordinarily buy that kind of thing. But it takes some searching, and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether or not a particular model is in fact dual-voltage.

Another alternative? You could just buy a new one once you get there. One that's built for that country's electricity to begin with. But it won't do you much good once you get back home. And you might not like it anyway. We can get attached to our specific bathroom appliances. Oh, we totally get it. And for that matter, if we're talking about a hair dryer AND a curling iron AND a shaver, well, that can get really expensive really quickly. So, you know...

Or you could just get a voltage converter, like this one, and use your own hair care gadgets. The ones you're already accustomed to. Not to mention the ones you already own. A voltage converter is the perfect solution for bringing those kinds of appliances abroad. That is, ones that aren't electronic, and require a large amount of wattage.

The PB1650 is a "combo unit" in that it has two modes. In 50 watt "low power mode" it functions as a voltage transformer, and is safe for charging electronics like smartphones. But in low power mode, the PB1650 can only handle electronics up to 50 watts. So anything electronic would have to be very low power. Battery chargers and electric shavers are often below 50 watts, and therefore can usually be safely used with the PB1650. But you have to be absolutely, positively sure that it doesn't need any more than 50 watts of power.

On the other hand, things like curling irons and flat irons tend to run about 200-300 watts, and hair dryers are often 1200-1500 watts! Heating elements draw a lot of electricity! But things like that aren't electronic, and therefore a voltage converter will do the job just fine.

There are a couple of things to be aware of though. First, your bathroom appliance needs to have a non-grounded plug. That is, the plug needs to have only the two vertical blades, and not have the third, round grounding pin. That's usually not a problem, since most bathroom appliances have non-grounded plugs. But you'll want to check if you're not sure. The PB1650's socket won't accept grounded 3-pin plugs.

The second thing is that voltage converters tend to heat up pretty quickly, and are not intended to be used for long periods of time. Again, this isn't usually a problem, because bathroom appliances aren't usually used for more than about 10 or 15 minutes at a time. And that's fine. Just be sure to unplug everything when you're not actively using the appliance, so that things don't overheat.

Couple more things... don't ever plug a laptop into this (or any) voltage converter. Laptops are electronic, and require more than 50 watts. So in 50 watt "low power mode" the PB1650 won't be able to supply enough power, and in 1600 watt "high power mode" it's not safe to plug electronics into it.

And lastly, the voltage converter's plug is for European wall outlets. But it can be used in other countries too! If you're going to the UK or Australia or Italy or Switzerland, or Africa or Asia or South America, or anywhere else where the voltage is 220-240 volts, but they use a different kind of wall outlet, just get a plug adapter for that country's plug type, and attach it to the voltage converter's plug. Problem solved! And for that matter, European outlets are also often recessed into the wall, as a safety measure. If you need to plug the voltage converter into a recessed outlet, you may need to attach an adapter to accommodate for that too. (Editor's note: The TK1650 kit already comes with adapters for all that, so you're good to go.)

So, with aaaaaaall that having been said, (hey, nobody ever accused us of being brief... or short on details) the bottom line is if you're bringing your hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, shaver, hair rollers, makeup mirror, or other such bathroom gadgets with you to a foreign country, this is what you need.

PB1650 Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.2 x 3.5 x 3 in.
Weight 2 lbs