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WA-320 Travel Plug Adapter for IEC 60320 C13 Line Socket

  • Model #: WA-320
  • Manufacturer: Yang Ji Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
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  • Usually ships from: Apex, NC Warehouse
  • Qty discount: 20+ at $6.99 ea.
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  • Certifications: CE Marking, RoHS Compliant, Patented in 36 countries


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This plug adapter changes the shape of an appliance's plug so that can plug into an IEC 60320 C13 line socket. The receptacle end of the adapter can accept any standard household plug type from any country, except the "Type M" South African SABS1661 (Old British BS-546 "Large") plug. The plug end is an IEC 60320 C14 plug. The plug is polarized and grounded.

This travel plug adapter is compatible with IEC 60320 C13 line socket. C13 sockets are often installed on rack-mounted power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supples (UPS) for computing equipment.

WA-320 Socket Compatibility

The Adapter's "Universal" Socket
The adapter's socket will accept any standard household grounded or non-grounded appliance plug, with one exception: the South African SABS1661 plug (which is actually an old British standard, the 15A "large" version of the BS-546 plug.) Different types of plugs fit into the socket end of the adapter as shown below. Grounded Schuko plugs, whether the "Type F" German style with side grounding clips, or the "Type E" French style, will fit into the socket end of the adapter, but the grounding connection will not be made.

How various international plugs fit into the travel adapter

Attach a plug adapter to the power cord of any electrical appliance which is already compatible with the voltage being supplied by the socket. The adapter changes the shape and configuration of the electrical contacts, allowing you to plug into a different kind of socket.

Or, if you prefer to think of it this way, plug the adapter into an electrical socket to enable the socket to accept almost any worldwide household plug (as long as the appliance is already compatible with the voltage being supplied by the socket.) Adapters aren't built for permanent installation though, and it's not a good idea to leave the adapter plugged into the socket indefinitely. They can remain plugged in for long periods of time, but they're not intended to be permanently installed.

Using a travel plug adapter

Beware of cheap knockoffs!
Sure, there are other companies out there manufacturing adapters that look similar. But that's where the similarity ends. Only one company owns 15 U.S. patents for these adapters, and additional patents in 36 countries. We only sell their product, the original, from the manufacturer who invented the technology.

According to the manufacturer, these knockoffs are using an internal connector design which is outdated and inferior. They also use cheaper, inferior materials. Specifically, the plastic used for the adapter's shell is a cheaper grade than the fire-resistant plastic used for "the real deal." The manufacturer claims that in laboratory tests, these adapters actually melted after only 6 hours of continuous use. Over 34,000 of these knockoffs have been recalled. There are also patent infringement lawsuits pending.

We're talking about a product that costs less than $10.00, which is standing between an appliance which is probably far more expensive than that, and up to 300 volts of electricity. Electricity is nothing to mess around with. Why take chances with an inferior product for the sake of a couple of dollars max? Why risk a safety hazard and damage to your appliance? Buy the genuine article and rest easy.

This product is a passive device and does not convert voltage. Any item plugged in must already be compatible with the voltage being supplied by the socket.

  • Rated: 15A @ 125V, 10A @ 250V
  • Insulated Voltage-Proof: 3 KV
  • Materials
    • Shell: ABS (UL-94HB)
    • Plug Plate: ABS (UL-94VO)
  • Safety Certification: CE Marking
  • Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2000 T-2000-2 B2, ANSI-RAB, BQR

Technical Line Drawing

Specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.

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