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ADP-TSZ Travel Phone/Modem Adapter for Switzerland

  • Model #: ADP-TSZ
  • Manufacturer: Generic/Non-branded
  • Allow 1 business day (M/F) to ship
  • Usually ships from: Apex, NC Warehouse
  • Qty discount: 20+ at $6.99 ea.
  • Qty orders may require 3-4 days additional lead time


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This travel phone/modem adapter allows a North American RJ-11 landline phone line to connect to a Swiss type phone socket. This adapter is of no use for cell phones, just landline phone, fax or modem lines. The adapter is duplex, meaning that there is also a socket on the adapter of the same type as the plug, so that the foreign phone can remain plugged in.

The Swiss phone socket is also sometimes found in the following countries:

Simply unplug the foreign phone, and insert the travel phone adapter into the Swiss phone socket. Then plug your RJ-11 phone cord into the adapter's RJ-11 socket. You can also plug the foreign phone back in via the adapter's Swiss socket.

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