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ADP-TFR Travel Phone/Modem Adapter for France (F-010 Plug)

  • Model #: ADP-TFR
  • Manufacturer: Generic/Non-branded
  • Allow 1 business day (M/F) to ship
  • Usually ships from: Apex, NC Warehouse
  • Qty discount: 20+ at $6.99 ea.
  • Qty orders may require 3-4 days additional lead time


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This travel phone/modem adapter allows a North American RJ-11 landline phone line to connect to a French F-010 type phone socket. This adapter is of no use for cell phones, just landline phone, fax or modem lines. The adapter is duplex, meaning that there is also a socket on the adapter of the same type as the plug, so that the foreign phone can remain plugged in.

The French F-010 phone socket is used in the following countries:
Algeria / Andorra / Bhutan / Burkina Faso / Chad / Comoros / the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) / Djibouti / Equatorial Guinea / French Guiana / Gabon / Grenadines / Guadeloupe / Ivory Coast / Madagascar / Mali / Martinique / Mauritania / Mauritius / Monaco / Morocco / New Caledonia / Niger / Polynesia / Rwanda / Sint Maarten (St. Martin) / Somalia / Tahiti / Togo / Tunisia

Simply unplug the foreign phone, and insert the travel phone adapter into the French F-010 phone socket. Then plug your RJ-11 phone cord into the adapter's RJ-11 socket. You can also plug the foreign phone back in via the adapter's French F-010 socket.

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